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Hope you had a good time in Denver! Thought I might weigh in on squirrels as I have taken close to 100 fox squirrels over the years and learned from the likes of Jerry Pierce and Pat Cebuhar. As you know, those two were the real deal when it came to waylaying squirrels (Pat shot 45+ one season back in the mid 90s). So, when they discussed what works and doesn’t I tended to listen.

Sqirrels are a bundle of sinew and muscle. I recommend nothing less than broadheads and regular fletching to consistenly make a quick/clean kill. Now, the problem is cost when shooting arrows up into trees. I was lucky enough to buy 1000 Bodkin 2nds from Whiffen Archery for .25 cents a piece back 15 years ago. Not only does a broadhead kill quickly, but there is much less damage to the meat due to the clean cut vs. bruising from a blunt. Or you can you can do as Jerry did and make your own custom point with glued on injector blades on a field point. For pure bowhunting enjoyment, squirrels are hard to beat.