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In my experience everything ABS sells is first-rate, and expensive. In the early days there was a “weak side” to the GrizStik shafts that really complicated things if you did your own fletching, as I do. These are the shafts I have, but I’ve heard this is no longer an issue. They darn sure are tough and consistent and the taper allows for mazimizing FOC. But as you suggest, cutting them down in length is a problem — you have to do it from the back rather than the front, requiring removal and replacement of feathers. Of course if you bare-shaft tune, you can do any necessary cutting before applying feathers. Those are the pros and cons I have experienced. But what I most often hear others complain about the GS shafts are that they aren’t standard size and you have to buy replacement nocks, etc., from ABS. They’re widely available, but it’s just another hassle. In short, it seems that guys who love ABS and GS are 100% believers and don’t mind the hassles. If you’re not in that camp, you could be disappointed. I’m trying to be on the fence, as that’s how I feel. First-class gear, but it don’t come cheap or easy. ttf