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Next, remove any factory burr from the unbeveled side of the blades with a file or coarse stone. Just lay the file flat on the blade and make a few passes along the edge.

Then start on the bevel side with a file or coarse diamond stone. Grizzlies have been through a few different factory bevel angle changes over the last few years. Depending on how new or old yours are you may need to remove a heck of a lot of material or if they’re more recent issue, maybe not so much. If you look at the above photo, you’ll see that the bevel extends slightly passed the center of the tanto tip. This is how I estimate a 25 degree bevel. They can be sharpened at other angles but this is Ed Ashby’s “optimum” bevel angle.

Work the bevel side with a file till you have raised a burr again on the unbeveled side, then switch to a coarse diamond or ceramic stone and continue to polish the bevel. Use as many or few grits as you like. As you do this the burr will continue to get bigger and heavier. Then with a fine grit stone, do just the minimum necessary to remove the burr from the unbeveled side of the blade. Strop the head on a piece of leather or better yet plain old corrugated cardboard and it should shave hair easily. Sounds complicated but after you’ve done a few it’s pretty easy. Let us know how you make out.