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ShaneHarley wrote: From what I understand bear meat flavor is dependant on what the bear is eating. If they are eating carrion then they are not very good. I guess spring bears are supposed to be better because most of the offending flavor has left during the winter and all they are eating is grass and stuff. I shot one this spring and we BBQed back strap and it was awesome. The rest I sent to be processed into sausage. I would for sure eat another one.

As far as cats go Fred Eichler says he eats his. I think if I ever harvested a cat I would try and eat it. Then go from there if I ever tried for another one.

I know a guy who ate the racoons he trapped and really enjoyed the meat. Another guy at work when he was younger they would eat nutria.

So I think there’s a lot we could eat but some of it might depend on what that critter is eating himself.

I ate cougar (yeah, I know, keep it cival), and it was great! Tasted very similar to a pork roast.