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Charles Ek
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SteveMcD wrote: Well. I will respectfully disagree. I see the GPS as a further cave in to technology. Last I checked most maps, State, USGS or other, clearly without any doubt illustrate between private and public land. It’s about being prepared, maybe even scouting beforehand, imagine that. I guess if someone trespasses now, they can just blame technology for it. Nope. Not buying it. Literally. I will stick with my map and compass.

We’re not talking about distinguishing between public and private land per se. A great deal of hunting in New England is done on private land because there’s relatively little public land available. The issue is which private parcels can be hunted on.

In NH for instance, the presumption is that all private land is huntable unless it is posted (or otherwise subject to certain restrictions on the use of weapons.) This state has a greater portion of its land cover in forest than any other state in the Union. Unless you start at a surveyor’s stake and follow a compass bearing very precisely using the parcel’s legal description, there’s often NO way to know where the parcel boundaries are without a GPS that has the data in it. The posting is often done only along roads and I know of many instances in which a boundary not along a road is not posted. Knowing where it is keeps me out of trouble, and helps all hunters.