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dwcphoto wrote: Hi Guys,

I was able to squeeze in a little reading this week and have to say I really enjoyed a few articles. Dave’s Darwin Hunt was good reading and I always enjoy G. Fred’s insights, still being a newbie that I am. Also Gary VandenLangenberg’s article on body language was interesting. My first year at bowhunting I had the mixed pleasure of missing two deer that I walked up on. The first seemed to bedded near my stand. I had walked my pup about 50 yards by that spot on a woods road a hour earlier. It seemed like when I slowing walked to my stand and peaked around the corner the doe was just waiting for another dog walker. Another doe I missed just let me walk up within range after a few tries. I just kept the normal our for a walk posture and she kept letting me get closer and closer.

I’ve improved my shooting a good bit since then, so I hope to have another good chance as the woods gave me those times.

One month to go here in Pennsylvania. Good luck to all, dwc

The article about body language is definitely true in some circumstances. Happened to me this summer.

I was smallmouth fishing a small creek that forms the boirder of my club on a 100 degree plus day. I was wading upstream and rounded a bend and spotted a big doe standing on a rock feeding on submerged vegetation. She would stick her head under for 20 seconds at a time and then watch me for a few minutes. I slowly fished my way up to her, catching and releasing a bunch of little smallies and redeye bass. She let me get to about 25 yards before she exited to the woods. I assume if I started acting sneaky, she would have immediately bolted for cover.