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I have been fletching with nothing other than the Loctite Super Glue Gel control for a couple years now. If there are draw backs, I haven’t found a single one. With the gel style glue, it’s much easier to get the glue on the quill and it stays put while I make sure I am getting the fletch in the right place on the arrow. I have pulled fletched shafts through 2-3″ thick ethafoam (cheapie) targets multiple times and have almost never had a feather come off or even curl or damage the leading edge of the quill. Sure I could spend big cash on “archery specific” glues but the Loctite works and costs only a few bucks. I say give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

(I have no connection to the producers of this glue….but if they want to offer me a big-money endorsement deal, HECK YEAH I’ll do some commercials for ’em!! I can see it now, me all on the TV, smilin’ man, aw BEAUTIFUL! (Thanks Dr. Hook)


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