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Bruce Smithhammer
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Just received the GFA “Small Western Trade” knife, with a neck sheath, from Kustom King.

First impressions – it’s just as good looking, if not more so, than the pic on the website. Nice curly maple. Full tang, and you can tell it is solidly made.

Quite sharp right out of the package, and with just a few passes on a ceramic rod, it’s now wicked sharp.

I’ve never carried a knife in a neck sheath before, and had some misgivings about doing so, but I was curious. With a 2-3/4″ blade, this isn’t a big knife by any means, but I’d say that for a neck carry it’s the perfect size, I wouldn’t want any bigger. And it’s still big enough to be practical for a lot of different tasks (though if you have big hands you might want to go up in size to the next model).

Probably my biggest misgiving about a neck sheath was just the idea of having something sharp hanging around my neck/chest and having the knife accidentally fall out of the sheath. After wearing this around a bit, I’m not concerned about that – it’s a thick leather sheath, and the knife fits deep and securely inside.

I could see this becoming an automatic item I put on every time I go in the woods. Thanks to GFA and Kustom King for an excellent product at great price.