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Thanks Jon!

My eyes are honestly open now. I made a set of my own woods this weekend out of some laminate birch clearance shafts I picked up from 3 Rivers.

I went home this weekend so my folks could spend time with their Granddaughter and my Dad had a lot of leftover stain and polyurethane so I decided to give it a try. All I had was a taper tool and straightened by hand between coats of poly. I did all of my sanding with steel wool. They actually turned out pretty nice. On the heavy side though. They shot a lot better out of my 65# longbow than my 56# longbow. Those laminate birch shafts are heavy arrows. Rick’s douglas firs were 680g and these are a whole lot heavier, even with a 145g tip.

I can’t wait to get some more shafts and try again. I’m having a blast right now!! Ricks are on the left and obviously look a whole lot better than mine. I just used a basic satin finish and had to hand-brush/rub everything in.