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jason samkowiak
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I did the same as above. I have a traditional straight grip but added a very slight notch as a locator just so i know my hand is in the right spot each time.

I have shot with many different grips or “holds” on the bow as well. In my early longbow days I shot with a death grip and heavy heal pressure. Then I went to a loose grip with high pressure on the webbing between finger and thumb with the pinky and ring finger loose. Now for the last year and a half I have been shooting with a firm grip with even pressure high and low.

I think the grip on the bow itself as well as the way you grip it makes little difference once you get used to it and it become natural. But I have been shooting a traditional straight grip with a slight locator so long I would probably order any other bows the same just to keep the consistency.

on all my bows I love a rubber grip. Started using them for bowfishing about 15 years ago to keep the grip dry. Love the feel, love the odor resistance, love the durability, love the stickyness of the grip. Also love that I can use a piece of stick as an arrow holder with a rubber grip. Still use and love a leather rest, but all my bows have a rubber grip now. The grip is actually bike tire innertube. It last about 10 years before it starts to break down. and 1 tube will make about 30 grips. not bad for 2 dollars! Even put the inner tube on my wife and kids recurves for winter so their gloves hold better than on the bare wood.