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David Petersen
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Me too. Combined with my boycott of AZ until they outlawed baiting for deer (which they recently did!), gas prices cost me my beloved winter Coues whitetail hunt this year. If we didn’t have a wise and necessary prohibition against blatant political talk on this site, I’d have some comments on where all the gas is going and why it costs so much. But it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to parse it out across the past decade and more. My wife craves to move to a small town where she can walk everywhere in case I croak. While I have no current plans to move to the crematorium, small town life sure would make sense from a fossil fuel consumption pov. But then I’d have to drive to hunt where I can walk to now. And the bars would be so handly I’d spend as much on booze as I do gas … hmmm, come to think of it that might be a good swap! 😆