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David Coulter
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I had to call up this thread and reread it top to bottom. A good discussion. I live and grew-up in PA where baiting has been illegal and unethical since I was a kid. That said the isles of sporting good stores are lined with bait. I don’t understand why the stuff can be sold if it’s illegal to use. Actually, I do understand. It’s about the money. Sounds like a lot of it has to do with the money in states that allow baiting. Outfitters are in business because baiting is legal. Question is, would the outfitters have gone into business if not for baiting being legal. False economy?

I’m not opposed to bear hunting, I just don’t do it. I’d love to give it a try sometime, but I’ll have to spend a good amount of time learning how to do it. I just can’t imagine sitting near a food dump being a good time. I also eat what I kill. I just hate the thought of feeding venison to my family that might be snacking on chemlawn. I don’t find the idea of feeding my family bear meat that was raised up on donuts and rotten, burgerworld meat any more appealing.

Again, I wasn’t brought up that way, so it’s hard for me to imagine baiting as hunting, but I have to say, I think that’s a good thing. I suppose we’re really talking religion and politics.

All the best, dwc