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William Warren
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Some say there is nothing to it. That lunar influence is not worth noting. I disagree. While I do view it as a guide only and not an absolute, what harm can it do? I often do not consult with Solunar tables for feeding times but sometimes I do. For instance it is often only necessary to simply take note of activity around you. If I see birds and animals suddenly become active I take note of the position of the sun or moon and the time if I have a timepiece to look at. Then as I hunt or go about my daily activities I look to see what is happening when the sun or moon has reached that position again or, if you will imagine for a moment, the opposite position on the earth. “Overhead or Underfoot”. There will often be a 30 minute or so delay per day going forward and on some days no noticeable activity. Now this, in my opinion, may not be the sun or moon’s impact on feeding or activity but may only be a primitive way of keeping time on active periods. Or is it due to Solunar influence? I guess I will never know but in my experience it works well enough that I will use it rather than ignore it.