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Steve J
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Carbomask wrote: I went to 3 rivers archery and got to shoot all the bows. $800 bows included. take downs, tomahawks etc etc. I shot the montana too, and one thing I came away with after one or two shots… it had a way different feel than the fancy bows, and i recall deciding against it right away in light of all I was getting to shoot. Heres one thing, I got a tred barta longbow, as it wasn’t real expensive either, but seemed to deliver alot of the fancy bow feel, at half or less of the price. even looks like a montana…now, 3 yrs later, I find that bow still feels great to shoot, seems to have alot of power (50# 64″), I like the finish, yet the major drawback…just a bit too long for the woods.. but I still take it with me occasionally, it deliveres a reliable shot it seems to me. perhaps this helps. I also have one of those bows greattree is talking about. walnut and maple recurve..AWESOME low cost bow, stable, simple 45#. I am about 4 yrs in on traditional, and I think that one thing that is missing from my whole bow experience is a higher poundage bow.

Im glad you mentioned your experience with the Barta Bow, I keep lookin at it in the catalog.
It must have been great to go to 3 rivers and shoot all those bows. cant imagine, down here they dont let customers test fire almost anything