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I have a Rokon. I only use it like you would a horse. I use it to carry in my camp or to cover ground to get within striking distance. I do not ride it in to my stand or ride it into my hunting area. Three or four miles of walking to hunt is not that big a deal for me. Past that and I use it if it is legal. There are not that many places where it is. This year I shot my elk over three miles from my truck. I shot it at dark. It took me over two hours to get back to the truck with a load of meat after it was loaded in the pack. I got the whole thing out before light without the use of my bike.In fact, I never even rode it this year during the hunt. The area where I finally found the elk was so steep that even a horse would be impractical to get in there with. Our hunt was very crowded this year. There were many new hunters because they shortened the rifle deer hunt to five days. You can judge atv riders however you want but I bet very few have ever even heard me on my bike. I understand all the hate for atvs in the mountains because I see the abuse also. But don’t think all riders are the same. They are not. I would agree that four wheelers should be kept on the roads. The big problem is people disobeying the law. Gary