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Cameron Unruh
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Steve Graf wrote: [quote=Cameron]…I also have figured out how to get my overlays to feather nicely into the glass…

Don’t be shy now, do tell… 😀

This is probably something everyone else already knows but in my process I was creating extra work. I was placing a relativly thin piece of wood down as a riser overlay and wrapping with plastic wrap then placing a pressure board on top extending past the ends of the overlay and clamping. Then working at cleaning up the mess of epoxy that had oozed out…I had a tough time getting the epoxy – glass and wood to all become one smooth surface.

So now I get my overlay wood VERY thin – I lay plastic wrap over the top but do not wrap the riser. I put a pressure board on top of the wrap and begin a process of clamping and cleaning. I clamp down the overlay but wipe all excess epoxy off with an old piece of cotton t-shirt. My pressure board and wrap both stop short of covering the very ends of the overlay by about about a 1/4″ this allows me to wipe off all excess glue and leave a clean area with no impact from the plastic wrap.

When I remove the clamps and plastic – I now really only have to work at a wood and glass transition which takes very little time to blend smooth.

In my previous process I was simply creating a great deal of work which was not producing the clean look that I was wanting.