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twoknifes7 wrote: I have made many selfbows and had a few break but now I am trying to make a laminate bow and so far I’ve had every one break I am using actionbamboo for the back and osage veneers fir the core and curly maple for the belly I’ve had 3 break and one to come under weight. I thought that maybe there was a formula for the thickness of each lam would be for a desired weight.

I had some bows break when I was making them, and from my experience it was usually one of two causes.

The most common cause is inadequate glue coverage. Are you coating BOTH sides of EACH internal piece? Only the inside side of the outer pieces get covered.

What glue are you using? Smooth On and most others are measured by weight. The resin and hardener need to be the same weight, before mixing.

On the glue up, if the wood has any oils on it from your hands or any dirt, the glue can give way.

What temperature are you curing the bow at? Usually 160-180 deg will be the norm