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Bruce Smithhammer
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Smithhammer wrote:

650gr. total arrow weight

28% FOC

4 x 2-1/2″ fletch

^ Been shooting this arrow exclusively for the last two months. A marginally noticeable drop in speed, but other than that, they fly great. They have no more drop than the arrows I was shooting before out to distances of 20 yards, very stable in flight (I’ve been intentionally shooting them in the wind at various angles) and the additional penetration is noticeable.

But perhaps the best affirmation is one of my frequent shooting buddies, who initially looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that I was going to try this setup. He’s been shooting with me a fair bit lately, and seeing how these arrows fly, and just the other day he said, “yeah, I think I’m going to increase my FOC…”