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    woodchuck wrote: I’m a newbie to Traditional, finally giving up the training wheels, after only using it a couple of years.

    While using the compound, I found that I really liked the Easton FMJ’s. Problem is, what fletching jig

    would work on these small diameter arrows?

    I shoot a 70’s Bear Grizzly 45#, looking at getting a Bear Montana Longbow. I would like to continue using

    the FMJ’s if possible, but want to switch from Blazer to the Razyrs.

    I have really enjoyed reading through all of the threads on this site. I have learned a LOT, bought

    T.J. Conrad’s “The Traditional Bowhunter’s Handbook”, and am enjoying reading it.

    Great bunch on this site!

    I have used the Bitzenburger with great success with the FMJ arrows. Works very well…