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Yup, minimalist tent with maximus price! Another option for you if looking for a tipi is Wyoming Lost And Found. A lot better priced than Kifaru or Seekoutside! It will come with a stove jack too. Google “range tent” as well. I found a company that makes them fairly cheap as well. Can’t think of the name, but I’ll have a look for you. Be patient and I’m positive you will find a viable option!! Good luck!

BTW, a small stove can be expensive like a Titanium Goat. If you’re handy you tube has some good ideas!

Found these, prices aren’t too bad!


If it’s just you and the wife, then 4 man + stove should be good. Highly doubt you can get a cot into a tipi, maybe by yourself and the stove, unless you buy a real big one, like a 8 man.