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Troy Warner
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Steve Graf wrote: I’ve never used tape. But I have had arrows made for me that were taped. They lasted just fine.

I would switch to tape, except I use a jojan fletcher and there would be no point to it – tape really shines when using a single arrow fletcher.

Seems like tape is more expensive than glue though. And I can use my glue for stuff besides arrows…

If I had it to do over again, I might start out using tape.

I found through trial and error and others advice that a single fletcher with a strong magnet works best with the tape. The only problem I’ve had with the tape is getting the forward part of the fetching to stay tight after a few misses in the grass then shooting through one of my StuffIt targets will pull the fetching loose up front.

Like mentioned in a previous post, I began gluing the fore and aft of the fetching and that has helped greatly.

As for the tape sliding around after cleaning with alcohol, it must dry at least 20 – 30 minutes with alcohol before fetching it the problem persists send it back and ask for a replacement roll. Whoever you bought it from should replace or refund it with no problem.

Good luck