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Hey Ray I will give away a method that will end you ever having to pull the end through again!
When you start your serving just loop it over and wind over it about ten times and pull the tag tight with pliers. Then just serve until you are within a half inch of the end. This method requires that you serve clockwise from left to right. It may be reversed though if you want to go counter. When you get within the half inch of the end, just pull off about eight inches of serving toward you keeping the your winding tight and hold onto the loop with your left hand keeping it tight.Now throw the server over the string at the far end of the loop and serve about ten winds in the middle of the loop onto the string. Now pull the serving tool through the loop and throw it over the left side of the loop you have been holding with your left hand. Let the server dangle on the left side and wind the loop onto the serving thread end that is crossed over to left. Wind it on clockwise on top of the serving end you crossed over the left side of the loop until you run out of the serving you wound on from the middle of the loop. Now all you have is the serving tool directly connected to the end because you have wound it on from the inside of the loop and made it endless. Pull it tight and cut it off from the front of the server. Leave a tag to burn off with a lighter. Walla you have it served without having to pull a tag end loop through. 🙂