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What I like in a bow and grip type may be a hundred and eighty degrees out from what your preferences are, and may evolve to be.

The best way to make a smart purchase is to try a bunch of bows. Warm weather is here, and the archery rendezvous are going to take place all over the country. They can be found listed in TBM or on other traditional archery websites. Attend them, they are filled with enthusiastic people and vendors selling the wares that you want to try… and they will let you try them! A nicer bunch of folks are hard to find.

Don’t be intimidated by a lack of experience or not knowing exactly what to look for or ask about. Jump in with open eyes and mind. I truly enjoy helping new folks out at a shoot, and most folks love to introduce someone to their favorite bow.

It would be a shame for you to drop 750 to 1300 dollars on a bow, based on our say-so, when your true love may be a 200 dollar “sleeper” on someone’s used bow rack. Personally, having grown up with recurves, when I shoot a longbow I like a higher grip such as that found on a Centaur or ACS. You, however, may enjoy the simple elegance of a true Hill style longbow.
To each his own.
Happy searching!