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Doc Nock
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Good Stuff, Grumpy,

A good mentor from this site, taught me that even carbons show considerable variance in spine, etc, in any given sold dozen. Best to tune each one individually.

I #mine with dots… on the cresting I spray painted on each of them.

I made a hand drawn “table” (no computer wiz) and kept track like you did…

9 of 12 flew the same repeatedly. These were carbon however. of the errant 3, I cut one 1/16 and it behaved perfectly thereafter. The other I cut 1/16 2x or 1/8 and then it behaved repeatedly. Last one, had to cut 1/4″ off it to get it to stop behaving badly.

Never did that before. I’d shoot 3 or so, then cut them all to whatever that group liked…thinking all were the same. NOT!

Best to constantly test one’s beliefs and be open to others’ more diverse experiences.