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Been thinkin on this….

Last spring I made a dozen arrows. There was one psychotic, and one was severely depressed. So we are down to 10. As I practiced I noticed I didn’t always hit the bulls eye. Since there was no one there to blame, I decided to blame the arrows. MOST BE there were more mal adjusted arrows in there. So as I practiced I put a little dot on one of the fletches every time I hit the bulls eye. Actually I thought about naming the arrows, and writing everything down on a clip board, then thought about creating a database on my laptop, blah, blah, blah. Then decided the little dots were a LOT less work. So I shot the 10 arrows again, and again, and again… Making little dots every time an arrow hit within a 6″ circle.

The results were:

one arrow with 8 dots.

one 6

one 5

three 4

The rest had les than 4 dots, and one only had one dot. Keep in mind that the arrows LOOKED the same, weighed the same, same spine, blah, blah, blah… and had no observed personality disorders. All of which doesn’t matter. The brodheads are going on the six with at least 4 dots.