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Check out the 3Rivers website for lots of info on arrow selection. I am waiting on a test set of wood arrows. In the meantime I just ordered a Bear Montana Longbow (35#) from them. I had a long phone conversation with Sam at 3Rivers in the process of working up the order and he guided me in my arrow selection.

BTW, I also picked up my traditional equipment after nine or ten years of having it sit in the furnace room. I have three bows and a bunch arrows from back when: 45# recurve, 50# recurve and 55# longbow. But I think my arrows are overspined and I desperately need to work on my form. The old bows are just too heavy to do the form work. (I had bypass surgery last Feb. and am still getting my upper body strength back.)

At any rate, the folks at 3Rivers have been a great help in getting me back into the game.