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Doc Nock
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As with most posts here, that is a very astute reality you share, Bruce.

What strikes me is that if we do manage to FORCE by petition the Feds to maintain ownership, there is NOTHING that will keep the lands accessible…

I know I and my memory are old, but do we NOT remember just a few short year (or 2) ago where Uncle Obie closed all federal lands for funding reasons? Right before fall hunting seasons???

What’s to stop the Fed from just closing lands like they did then? Budget is budget and while we’re spending Trillions on ephemeral things that aren’t constitutionally provided, (sorry Webmom, I’m about done) it’s simple for another “Executive order” to be issued and if ownership is maintained, just “close the lands due to lack of funding”.

I see it as a double bind…State or Fed doesn’t guarantee access—not anymore… this is NOT my father’s USA!

Now, help an old fool off his soap box afore I fall and break something…😯