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Danny Klee
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I don’t know if it that we are dinosaurs but rather, because we choose to enjoy the more traditional way of shooting and hunting, are more content with a simpler way of life. Content to enjoy life without all the modern technology and conveniences that has made so many folks lazy. As far as being a rare and endangered species, I’m not sure that is an accurate description as demonstrated by attending any of the traditional archery events. There are countless amounts of younger and younger people who are also finding enjoyment with traditional styles of living. I think as time goes on people are going to reattach themselves with easier less stressful ways of living. I think that is why so many folks are reverting back to traditional and even primitive styles of archery. My family is one who are content to live with less rather than more and more to keep with the Jones’. Perhaps I am an optimist but regardless I find our life very satisfying.