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Ed Ashby
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Okay, Breeding, just button your lip and get moving. We’ll see how impressed you are when we get you to Headquarters.


One Atta Boy issued!

If … IF … you tried that with a double-bevel BH I wonder what it would look like at 25 yards. I know from the testing I did with unfletched normal FOC arrows that the single bevel showed a steerage effect. The shooting was all close, 10 yards, but with a right-bevel the single-bevel’s wanted to go low and left, as if they were doing a slow-roll, but they made a group. The double-bevels did not group. They made a ‘shotgun pattern’, going every which direction.

I’d like to know if the FOC you have would shoot better at 25 yards, unfletched, with a bouble-bevel. Perhaps you can get a unbeveled blank BH to try. My interest is in the relationship between the arrow’s velocity and the broadhead’s windsheer at BHFOC. I’m sure those PNG arrows were less than 100 fps.