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donthomas wrote: One of my most memorable meals also came on a sheep hunt. Doug Borland and I had hiked 25 miles from the gravel bar where we landed to our base camp and were hiking back out after a week of hunting. We’d already lost about 15# apiece and were out of food except for a dab of olive oil and a little pancake mix. As we crossed the last creek, we noticed that it had filled up with arctic char. I’d thought to pack in a few flies and a spool of monofilament line. We cut willow switches, caught a whole bunch of fish (on flies no less), rolled them in the pancake mix and fried them in the oil. Never had a better meal in my life! Don

Ah Don! I thought Dad and I had a secret! In a fly in camp in Manitoba some years ago we were ravenous, myself, Dad and two guides…rummaging throughout our stores for breakfast my father came up with the brainstorm of the left over fried walleye fillets from the previous evening broken up and mixed into the pancake batter…fried crispy on large iron skillet over open fire…sun coming up over the lake all around the island we were camped on….we still do it to this day at our camp in the Adirondacks…but that initial discovery was something special 😀