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David Petersen
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Length is a bonus in some aspects of life (or so I hear), but not in bowhunting. My first real bow, with which I killed my first two deer as a teen, was a 48″ recurve. For several years now I’ve been shooting 54″ reflex/deflex longbows. For a while I had a 52″ (now owned by ColMike) and it too was a sweatheart. I have lost shot ops with longer bows due to their inherent clumsiness. With the short-bow design technology introduced by Ron LeClair and Gregg Coffey and others in recent years, most or all of the advantages to longer bows–smoother draw, less hand shock, forgiveness of imperfect releases, string noise–have been neutralized. I’ve never shot a more user-friendly bow in my life than the series of Shrew Classic Hunters and now Java Man Elkhearts I have owned. That said, I hunted last season and will again this year with a 62″ Osage selfbow, simply because it’s on my bucket list to kill an elk with a selfbow. After that it’s back to the shorties.