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David Petersen
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Check out ABS’s (Alaska Bowhunting Supply) Qarbon Nano.

http://www.alaskabowhunting.com/Qarbon-Nano-Longbow-C52.aspx It’s a longbow rather than a recurve, but still the fastest “stick” bow I’m aware of.

That link takes you to a video demo where everything — arrow weight, bow draw weight, and series of three shots through a chrono — is clearly documented.

The tested bow is 66″ long and draws 60# at 29″. Carbon arrows weigh 540 grains. Three shots from a Hooter Shooter average 204fps.

times world champ flight shooter, O.L. Adcock. O.L. is a good friend of Dr. Ashby and of equal genius and arguably the most brilliant archery engineer we have. Expect no bargians on this specialty item. And before I’d swallow any claims of faster bows I’d have to see tests as well documented as ABS provides, with comparable gear. If you’re not hunting and just after speed for the fun of it, which I must hope, knock another 100 grains or more off the arrow and you’re approaching compound speeds. I’m thinking a who frequent this site have this bow. It does not sound quiet in the video, but with heavier arrows and string silencers I suppose it could be.