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David Petersen
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It seems that to get the most from this topic we should start at the beginning with the question: What force is it, precisely, that causes FF string to be harder on limb tips than, say, the ubiquitous B50? My understanding is basic and may or may not be accurate: FF has less stretch/elasticity, thus the loop servings “slap” the limb tips with more force. I trust that others here can explain the forces more precisely. I am highly interested in Clay’s initial question, as I have a gorgeous osage selfbow with B50 that I’m currently hunting elk with and I’d love to put a bit more speed to, but not at the risk of damaging the bow. Somewhere a long time ago, maybe in one of the Bowyer’s Bibles, I seem to recall having read that unless a limb tip is underbuilt, FF is generally OK for selfbows … it’s the older glass lams that are most in danger. I hope we can get enough informed input here to sort this out. I recently switched to an 8-strand Silent But Deadly FF string on my Shrew; very impressive. Dave