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David Petersen
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Good to hear this, Jody, as I too have a guard with knife on order from Tim and fingers crossed it will show up next week. Apparently he doesn’t keep stock but custom makes each set only after talking to the customer. Even though I’m looking at weeks or months of physical therapy before I can shoot again, a guy still likes new archery toys, esp. during the off-season. And it gives me plenty of time to sharpen the little knife! Three years ago I killed a bull on the last day of the season and, first time in the current epoch, I forgot my Helle belt knife. So I had to quarter the entire elk with my little armguard knife. It’s a Helle blade I put an Osage handle on myself, but the handle is so thin that I could hardly use my hand for days after due to cramps. Another problem is that after a while the knife loosened up in it’s sheath on the armguard and I feared it would fall out and I’d lose it, so I’ve mostly quit using it. Tim’s rigs solve both these problems with a good sized handle on the little drop-point knife and a strap to hold it in place. And most of all, yes, in a world where we feel blessed just to get a real person to talk to rather than a phone robot, having someone like Tim who clearly cares a lot about customer satisfaction, to the point he calls you back to check details (did that with me too) … well, you just want to reward that dying breed with your business. Trad archery and bowhunting is blessed with more of this good old-fashioned type American businessman and woman than any other realm I know of. Now go get some deer blood on it since you, unlike most of us, still have some season left. Farr West Leather will have a booth at the PBS hoorah in Portland in March.