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Dr. Ed Ashby wrote: M, you need to see what the bare shafts do, in comparison to your fletched shafts. With that much fletching area ANY EFOC arrow is going to be flying straign before it hits the target, even if the dynamic spine is WAY, WAY OFF.


Exactly!!!!! The glue surface not only stiffens the shaft, the aerodynamic stabilization (large feathers) does too! That is why you shoot the shaft bare to tune first. Tape up the back of the arrow the lenghth of the fletching with electricians tape.Cut to length with good flight, fletch it up, Bingo! Eliminate the tuning weak to compensate pipedream, which is sometimes an endeavor into the twilight zone. These arrows must be tuned to each Bow. Will more than likely not be exact dynamics in other Bows similar.