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Another option for cleaning a skull: Clean as much meat off of the skull as you can, set the skull outside for a day or two, letting some flies find it. Once you get a number of flies and maggots feeding on the skull bag it up in a trash bag, be sure to make it air tight. Set the bagged skull in an area outside where it will not be bothered for several weeks. The maggots will clean the skull and when the meat is all gone they will starve from lack of food. To contain the smell you might double or triple bag it. If it is a horned animal the horn sheath will slide right off when the skull is finished, cut the horn cores down, clean the horn sheathes with dawn dish soap, then bondo/glue the sheathes back on after the skull is bleached. If the horn sheathes still have a smell to them I have found that several treatments with Feebreeze will get ride of the smell.