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Doc Nock
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Back when we actually HAD deer where I hunt, I’d shot more than one deer with the same arrow, with the gore washed off the feathers, then steamed back into shape… but in another year, usually.

As for the epoxy, I’ve heard many, many stories on that. What I know is limited compared to the more expert among us, but here’s what I learned:


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    You can use 5min epoxy and glue in brass inserts, then heat back up by heating ONLY the field point screwed in and pulling as soon as the epoxy softens.



In the early days, with the paranoia about heating carbon, I kept a glass of water next to me and dipped the shaft as soon as I removed the insert to cool the shaft…. then I used an old highly tapered savora replacable blade to clean out the residue inside the shaft and sanded any old residue off the insert and reused it.

I later stopped the water dip. Shafts lasted as hunting arrows, then became practice and 3D arrows and lasted for years without damage after heating JUST the field point!

I had some 2 part epoxy that I could NOT get back out… but the dual tube 5min always worked.

I’m sure you’ll get other replies and experiences…that’s just my own!