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R2 wrote: Shoots off the shelf great. It’s the only way I shoot anything. I use the soft side of Velcro with a piece of a small zip tie (longer lasting than a piece of wood) underneath it for the arrow rest and side plate also. The side plate I just cut big enough to cover the elevated rest hole just cause it looks better to me.

Just for the heck of it I tried one of the bow quivers that screw into the pre-drilled holes. That was about as awkward as trying to get your keys outta your right side pocket with your left hand. A no no for me big time.

The grip is good. I have an old ’72’ model Bear Griz and the grips are similar. I have an old Martin X200 and that bow has a grip to fit one of those guys that can palm a basketball.

Yea I had an x200 a long time ago also. I could never shoot that bow well. The grip was probably the cause now that I think of it. My other Martin bow was the same way. Bow makers up in WA must have big hands :D.