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Mark Turton
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For me this is a fascinating subject but there is little hard evidence regarding the archers, most were illiterate and the heralds only recorded the bare minimum.

The archers almost certainly would have engaged at extreme range with barbed broadheads to debilitate the horses and disrupt the line, dropping these onto the knights and their horses would have been the signal to charge, its said that they rode knee to knee making an even better target individually they were vulnerable and could not penetrate the line and would almost certainly be pulled down taken prisoner for ransom or killed.

The program only touched on the ‘forest of arrows’, imagine as a foot solider being crammed into the line and marched through a thicket of arrows standing 3′ tall pushed from behind, broken arrow tips sticking into feet arrows falling from above but if you raised a shield, assuming you had one, being shot in the legs and groin.

Then once on the floor having some snotty kid doing his best to finish you off with a rusty knife, dull axe or hammer, child soldiers are nothing new. And to add insult he’s going to strip you naked and steel everything, not much has changed.

Bit of a historic jump but last year I visited Omaha beach in Normandy, by luck the tide was out so I walked down to the tideline to look up the beach to where the emplacements would have been, jeez that is a long way with no cover its a miracle anybody survived, made me pause for thought.