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David Fudala
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For the past couple years at this time I begin to wonder to myself, just what the animal I may harvest this season is doing right now and what kind of life has it had? I wonder what twists of fate will cause us to cross paths at just the right moment. When that moment comes I hope I honor that animal and its life with a true and humane shot. Its why I practice every chance I get. I never felt like this when I used to hunt with my old crew and the emphasis was on other, petty priorities. I do feel empathy now for all those animals who will be harvested by people who do not respect or revere them as they deserve. As for an animal I may harvest this year, I’m sure I will be eleated as it would be my first traditional harvest but, I hope I also feel a slight sense of remorse. An animal must give its life for me to enjoy the ultimate success of our sport. That is something I hope to never take lightly again. The hunt is what you make it and I hope to make mine memorable whether I am successful or not.