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I understand where you are coming from, I never really take great joy in killing an animal, but I do enjoy the hunt, and the meat. Out here, you see a lot of road kill, and I would rather harvest an animal and enjoy the meat, than see it rot on the roadside.

Our fish and game dept, regulate seasons and harvests based on population in the different areas. For the past 2 years, there has been no harvesting of cow elk in my area, unless you get drawn for a cow tag. That is a result of the so called wolf reintroduction to Idaho. Even though I am aggravated by the whole situation, I still enjoy watching the cows and calves while hunting. I am for whatever helps to bring the elk population back up to levels that allow the harvesting of cows during bow season again. If that means years with no cow season, I will be happy to comply.

Like so many other Traditionalist, I enjoy the hunt first and foremost. And to better answer your question, I don’t rifle hunt much anymore because it just seems like “killing” to me, may as well be a sniper.