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Since it’s winter, I’ll list the cold weather kit items, which are packed in a red nylon stuff sack to remind me to bring it:


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    Esbit tablet stove and four tablets (like the ‘Hammer’s Emberlit, but not nearly as thin and efficient)

    (Allegedly wind proof) matches

    Bic lighter

    Two PowerBars

    Two packets of cider mix

    Titanium spork (not for survival, but just in case I bring some food that needs it)

    MSR Titanium pot, 1 liter

    First aid stuff not worth enumerating here, except to highlight the Combat Application Tourniquet (which actually goes in a pack waistbelt pocket) – http://tinyurl.com/mg6qof9

    Something I consider vastly superior to every alternative in the event I’m on the ground waiting for a while, the Blizzard Survival Bag

    An extremely loud Storm Whistle – http://www.stormwhistles.com

    Backup LED flashlight

    Backup compass

    Backup cellphone battery