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The difference between a Holmegård and a Møllegabet is a much discussed subject. Both artefacts are from denmark; the Holmegård bow (6500-7000 B.C) is a complete bow and the Møllegabet bow (5250-5070 B.C) consists of a mid/outer limb section.

The holmegård is (in my oppinion) a pretty straight forward pyramid bow:

The shoulder (ONLY one limb has what might be inferrede to be a shoulder) is so insignificant that I would hesitate to call it a defining design characteristic…it did not have true, stiff levers. The shoulder on one limb could have been made for a number of reasons. I have no doubt that this was a pyramid bow…maybe tillered to have slightly stiff outer limbs (reconstructions indicates this)

The Møllegabet is a true lever tipped bow:

Admitted…it could have been asymetrical, but there is little doubt that the preserved outer limb was none-workning.

Normally the name “Holmgård” is used about lever tipped bows…I belive that is incorrect;-)