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T Downing wrote:
Elk Tip#5: Last but not least and this one is dedicated to the beginning elk hunter, not you experienced bowhunters who know this one all to well. HUNT HARD! You can never go wrong with putting everything you have into your elk hunt. This is only one month out of the year and it will be over before you know it, so go all out, try not to miss a morning or evening hunt if possible. I firmly believe that the traditional archer needs more opportunities in the field and elk hunting has showed me that you have to be out there in it, studying the elk and their habitat. We are blessed to be able to even hunt these wonderful animals, try to give it the best in which you are capable. T

What I can add from my limited experience, and really just adds on to T’s #5 is to be physically and mentally ready to “hunt hard.” If you are physically able to hunt farther into an area than others are willing to go you’ll improve your odds. I change my work out plans about July 1st to incorporate a lot of hiking, trail running, as well as full body weight training. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but it gives me the confidence knowing that if I have to throw 100+ lbs. of meat on my back and hike miles to the truck (more than once) I’m able to.
Along those lines something I like to do is take out a topo map and a ruler and lightly draw a mile buffer around all the roads in the area you want to hunt. You can locate those areas over a mile off the road where most people aren’t willing or aren’t capable of going.

O, and one more vote for leaving the bugle at home. You’ll call in more hunters than elk.