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David Petersen
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Mike — so far this has been a banner elk year, with one 4-day “disappearing and silence” period a couple weeks back. This weekend is black powder opener and as every year, those guys running around with bugles glued into their mouths have shut the elk up on most public lands. Damn tragedy to have a smoker season right in the prime of archery season and the rut, but I can’t get CO bowhunters organized to force a change. Stupid CBA has ‘reached an accommodation’ with them. Pooh. Anyhow they’ll fire up again after the end of that season and a calm-down period. So far high points include passing on a cow at 7 yards broadside last night, and being 12 yards from a very nice 5×6 night before last, but no shot op due to dense vegetation even had I decided to take him, which I wasn’t sure I was ready for as the really big boys are yet to enter the game and I have 2 weeks left. Last year was perfect, hunting all 30 days of the season and killing a nice bull on the last day, from 6 feet. I’d love to repeat that trick again! 😯 dave