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Troy Breeding
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I use three piece takedown recurves and three piece takedown longbows.

I don’t think the style of the bow is that important as long as it’s one of the new style R/D longbows or a recurve.

Ed’s reports proved that. He found that his lower weight Adcock bow shot the same arrow the same speed as his much heavier Hill bow.

My next bow will be another three piece recurve. I may do a little more checking into the foam core material. From what I have read and heard so far the foam core doesn’t add that much speed but does smooth out the bow and add stability to the limbs. Others may say different.

If I were going to buy instead of build, I think I would build an arrow with heavy weight and test shoot as many different styles and make bows through the chronograph as I coud get my hands on.

Only you can decide what bow you like. You have to remember, speed isn’t the only factor. Some fast bows are hard to control even with a heavy arrow.