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Hello David-

Thanks for the reply and really not that much tech stuff. Mainly just weight and FoC. I’m with you on the heavy shafts, I’ve always liked them but as of know really haven’t shot a bow this light 53#. I’ve always shot 60-70# stuff and would always try to get my Doug Firs at a min 10 GPP+. However, at this point I’m maxed out this testing session until I get some 100, 125 adapters and heavier inserts. I will give them a go, nothing is set in stone yet!. After seeing how these shafts fly, I do believe they can handle more weight with no problems and might just fly better.

On another note, wanted to let you know that I’m reading Lost Grizzlies! Great read. Picked up a first ed. Any chance of getting it signed?

Thanks again,

(Lakewood, CO)