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skinner biscuit
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Here in Oregon we are facing the onslaught of crossbows under the guise of “for the disabled”. If this passes I’m sure youth will be next,followed by senior’s and on to the general public.Our neighbor Washington state started with 300 disabled crossbow permits and now has over 3000.We are not Pennsylvania.In fact our deer and elk herds are in decline on both sides of the state.With youth hunts,land owner preference tags and controlled hunts.Elk are being hunted 8 out of 12 months in the calender year.This is absurd!Game management is all about making money, not maintaining healthy herd levels.Pro market driven consumerism and loss of habitat is at play here.I’m sure the NRA is getting a fat donation from the manufacture’s being the harlot that they our!Can bow hunting save America,perhaps not.I must say though, the locavore movement gives me hope.