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David Petersen
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A friend sent me this Economist article a few days ago, which I, like brother Bruce, thought might be of some interest here. But I didn’t post the link precisely because I have strongly mixed feelings about it. As too often happens, the uninitiated journalist was on the right track but wound up following the wrong hounds, thus treed the wrong coon.

Beyond that, the reactions posted in this thread so far, once again, give me hope for hunting. We will never make any real progress, or deserve to, until we wise up enough to quit supporting self-proclaimed “hunters” groups like NRA (which gains support by fear-mongering) and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (representing the billionaires Fallguy refers to) based on their claims and lies. Same with the pols we give our votes to. To get atop the game, we must wise up and start supporting or working against “hunter’s” groups and politicians based on what they DO, not what they say. We must judge them by their actions and alliances, not their promises and claims. Same goes for ourselves, of course. 😆