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OK, got the first installment up. The pic does not really show just how bad the lower limb is twisted, but it was pretty bad. The upper not as bad, but it too had to be fixed.

The crack is what the glass lams are for and it will be fixed, and the finish repaired when all else is fixed. First off, I sanded the limb tips and taped them off for the upcoming epoxy.

Then, I prepared a piece of the glass lamination, and also a piece of bamboo I decided to use over the repair. The bamboo was left over from my bow building days.

The other limb

Before I go further, I used the hot water treatment to correct the twisted limbs. Worked like a charm. Took about 25-30 min altogether, but worth it. This pic was not the last session. There was still a bit of twist in the one limb but I did get that out.

Took about 4 sessions under the water, but finally came out straight as can be.

I didn’t realize it till I posted the pics that the darn bow blends in with the counter top. 🙁 Anyway, the limbs are now straight.

Back to the gluing.

Here is the limb with the glass overlay, and the bamboo over that. I am letting this set overnight for curing. Both limbs were done.

I also decided to set up a piece of bamboo for the riser, might as well make it match, right?

Due to the slippery nature of the epoxy, and the curve of the riser and the stubbornness of the bamboo, I decided to go a slightly different route with the riser. I made up a form from a piece of 2x lumber I had. I traced the riser shape on the lumber and used the band saw to cut it to shape.

This is how it will look when I glue the riser, except it will be on its side. The tips were very hard to keep lined up and trying to clamp at the same time.